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August 12, 2017

SCAB Preseason poll: Kootsville Tech of course on top, 2016 runner-up DeSade S&M holds on to second. / Cody Pendent named top of recruiting class, landed by Bootleggers. / Dunne-Geep named top recruiting class, headed by Tristan Shout. / Kootsville QB Harlan Daggers heads pre-season All-SCAB team, Demetrius favorite after 2016 upset.


Is there anyone worthy of the heights, the fireworks, the depths, the sweeps, the strokes, the frames like the abyss, and the forces like the bends and binds and trains, of figure? What already holds us all and lays us to waste, decides us before we can decide, relates us before we are related, commits us beyond any vow or intent, inextricably bound to each other across the incommensurable, shows us we do not hold the reins to our hearts. Is there anyone who can really take on love?
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Gallery (click image), 11/15/15

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