ReGroup   Red Ant Society

A dissociated series of "points," red points, constitutes the grid, spacing a multiplicity of matrices or generative cells whose transformations will never let themselves be calmed, stabilised, installed, identified in a continuum. Divisible themselves, these cells also point towards instants of rupture, discontinuity, disjunction. But simultaneously, or rather, through a series of mishaps, rhythmed anachromies or aphoristical gaps, the point of folie [Fr. point de folie = no folie] gathers together what it has just dispersed; it reassembles it as dispersion. It gathers into a multiplicity of red points. Resemblance and reassembly are not confined to colour, but the chromographic reminder plays a necessary part in it.
-- Derrida, "Point de Folie - maintenant l'architecture," in Psyche [trans. Kate Linker]