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The sale aligns with what we are experiencing . . .

It's typical upside the head.

Growing up or whatever, and you see stuff like that happen, those become memories.

If not eloquence.

We could never get him to move out from behind his father's coattails.

Where he was apparently waiting for the ride.

malice afterthought

An attorney said this, so he would know.

with such a high degree of accuracy

How can you miss?

virtually an at-bat by at-bat basis

Slackeningly precise.

But at the time, some of the things I was looking to do and the opportunity that was there, you kind of make the move.


focused on answering six key outstanding questions

Scientists not to be outdone by mere wonks in utter pleonastic redundo-oxymoronism.

[Football player] absorbs, delivers hits to reclaim physical nature.

A process beside itself.

What we call the pre-frontal part of the brain.

Being so smart with brains.

make the red flags visible

Can't unstress that enough.

Manage the on-boarding of all new hires . . .

Greet them with wonkery.

unlimited range

Even more impressive in a basketball player.

At least 1 in 4 businesses never re-open after a disaster.

Not to mention the slippage in qualification.

Like her, only gold is treasure.

A backhanded backhand.

seemed mostly ambivalent

I'm sure of it.

Sometimes the verisimilitude got too real.

That's very similartude.

one of the most endlessly rewatchable movies

You don't even have to unrewind it.

re-create the making of

Do it for the first time all over again.

We as coaches feel the buck stops here. We're the ones who need to make things even more crystal clear.

You couldn't make it any crystaler.

Where does most of the impact of communication come from?

From vehicles such as this?

whether there is sufficient predication to warrant a full investigation

The investigation investigation.

in a local neighborhood community

Can't get close enough.

one of the things that's been being discovered and is being continued to be researched

Is not how to speak.

we really have a gold standard value that we have as the platform for our customer service


if you can be giving the gift of your time and your attention floor time

Shaving yourself, gift and time by infinite halves.

so that you can balance those behavioral milestones

With milestones, it's a combination juggling and balancing act.

And in fact, itís been marvelous to watch how we train our staff. All the elements of the practice model have become embedded in the training.

Just wonk it.

emerged as a potential second viable target

May have got twisted in shadowy appearance.

How often, at a minimum, should Annual Notice be served in a case?

a. Once every calendar year
b. Annually
c. Once every 12 months
d. Whenever the Case Specialist has time

Select the most bureacratic answer.

to allow for fumigation (or other methods) to control wood destroying pests or organisms

That's what you call a dangling category.

faster than a herd of wildebeeste [sic] being tailed by a pride of lions which have been on a yoghurt a day diet for six months

Why be inadvertent when you can strain?

To say this was awful timing for those others to join the elite of the hoops elite with Jordan is to say the man of the moment fired the only blatant air ball of his life earlier in the day.

To fall all over yourself is to write sports prose.

There's no doubt in my mind that when it's all said and done the facts will show the world the truth.

Click here for the special case of George W. Bush.

both substantial and less so

Some substantially less substantial.

Both . . . sustained immediate fatal injuries in the accident.

From which non-recovery is ongoing.

his family moved into and occupied the property

With light infantry.

you know, it is the proverbial sausage being made

As found in the Book of Haggis, chapter 23, verse 13.

you got to, you know, herd cats, which is difficult

If I may convey to you the sense of the metaphor which I employ for such conveyance of such sense.

and itís sheerly the luck or ill luck of the roulette wheel

Clumsy phrasemaking notwithstanding.

itís a hydra, a multi-headed hydra

Attorney speak with multi-forked-tongue.

restrictions and limitations limited him

How do they get away with that?

the focus regarding [his] function

Seeing as it does.

genuine copy

As opposed to those counterfeit copies.

Generally Accepted Scientific Methodologies

A.k.a. Crap Stuffed Down Goose's Neck.

you observed a structure over 40,000 sq. ft. built to a point of completion where structurally it was complete

If you ever get to the end of saying so.

Intellectual property is among Heller's core practices, a list that includes antitrust, securities and insurance coverage, in addition to other areas.

The apple of many cores. Perhaps that's why it fell apart.


That's how not to plus 'em.

the relative ubiquity

Practically generally speaking.

a core skill competency

Like impressive blubber.

The witnessís opinion testimony . . . is improper opinion testimony . . . because it does not provide the basis upon which the opinion testimony is based such that the Court can determine its propriety.

By attorney's example, the witness need only have talked up his own asshole.

will plan to start moving towards

Why do in this sentence what you can infinitely defer?


Presence hanging by a hypen.

potential other additional named insureds who might be brought into this

In a kind of hypothetical kind of way.

He would like us to sit down face to face and to begin to diagram out the various permutations and combinations of what might happen here.

Leaning towards the future.

was juxtaposed adjacent to

Got quite next to.

 . . . compliance certification for . . . permit  . . . which on completion is to certify that the work authorized has been completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of said permit and that required mitigation is completed in accordance with the permit conditions.

The certification can be found up ass.

For a variety of unknown reasons . . .

Quantity makes up for quality.

a minimally severe disorder


the functional ability to perform

Like gangbusters.

still currently reviewing

The process will inform you when it will be now complete.

progressive retrogression

These technical type matters are more fancy than people realize.

Within less than two months . . .

To be more less precise.

engaging in physical touching

Though not directly upon the matter.

It was a relatively small universe. I want to say in the tens of thousands as opposed to, you know, the millions or anything like that.

To quibble with universes.

Q: [I]s it the elephant thatís in the room?
A: I think itís largely the elephant thatís in the room.

Hashing out the metaphor.

in order to do a remodel

A several times remove.

and decided to "self-perform" the screening operations

"If you know what I mean."

epitomized the spirit of

From the seven veils of the nutshell.

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