Esoteric, obscure, elitist, Czechoslovakian, or just plain interesting: The End of Being.   UbuWeb. Archive fever for the avant-garde.
Also home of the Ig Nobel Prize, Improbable Research showcases just that.

Jim Blanchard. Any man who can draw like that can't be all bad.

Brush up on your character acting with The Speech Accent Archive.   Help fight commercial link rot with the Open Directory Project.
Listen to French on France Culture.   Metacritic is a resource for film hogs to find truffles.
Footiemap locates top league soccer teams all over the world (lower leagues with registration).  

When Lexilogos says it's a comprehensive set of resources for the study of languages, it means it. In any language.

Game Studies
Take your games seriously.
The Specious Report
Throw me some, I'm serious.
Browse headlines from all over the world with the "Today's Front Pages" exhibit at the Newseum. News You Might Have Missed
while you were being American.
Maledicta Press
Better treatment for bad language.

Hello Kitty Has No Mouth
A minor detail, or a major symptom? Disfigurement or prefigurement? The folks at Queeg had to ask.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology
On exhibit: the Emperor's new clothes.


Tucows Network
Silos full of computer stuff, much of it udderly free. For example, 1st Page 2000 HTML editor, which is now bringing you this web site.

The Onion
Because inquiring minds want to know. Believe me, you can't get this much fun with a role of quarters in your pants.


The NineEight Planets
A great tour of the solar system, which has many more than nine interesting bodies. Have you been to Io or Europa lately?

TOFFS (The Old Fashioned Football Shirt) shirts are great even if you don't know Beckham from your back end.  

Windows Annoyances
Begrudge your PC use with the best of them. Tweak your system from easy to sophisticated.


Game Copy World
Huge stash of game files for tons of computer games: updates, patches, fixes -- just don't say "crack."


Pamela Anderson Lee's Breasts as a Function of Time
This one gets honors for the name alone. But you still have to see it.


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